Téma: Matematika
Pályázat: TÁMOP 0027
Ismertető: This book is recommended for those readers who have completed some intro- ductory course in Logic. It can be used from the level MSc. It is recommended also to specialists who wish to apply Logic: software engineers, computer sci- entists, physicists, mathematicians, philosophers, linguists, etc. Our aim is to give a survey of Logic, from the abstract level to the applications, with an em- phasis on the latter one. An extensive list of references is attached. As regards problems or proofs, for the lack of space, we refer the reader to the literature, in general. We do not go into the details of those areas of Logic which are bordering with some other discipline, e.g., formal languages, algorithm theory, database theory, logic design, arti cial intelligence, etc. We hope that the book helps the reader to get a comprehensive impression on Logic and guide him or her towards selecting some specialization.
Szerzők: Ferenczi Miklós
Szőts Miklós
Kulcsszavak: Logic in computer science
Authomated theorem proving
Non-classical logics
Model theory
Logic programming
Formal languages
Symbolic logic
Knowledge based systems
Proof theory
Mathematical logic
Complexity theory
Program verication and speci cation.
Szakok: Matematika mérnököknek MSC -> Mérnök informatikus MSC -> Felsőbb matematika