Téma: Interdiszciplináris
Pályázat: TÁMOP 0064 - BME
Ismertető: The primary purpose of these interactive notes is to cover the material corresponding to the one-semester course Informatics to Students of Cognitive Science at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Interactivity is made possible by the computer system Mathematica, on which the Informatics Course is based-therefore, the current notes try to serve as a gentle introduction to this software as well. We will be led into different aspects of Mathematica through examples, simultaneously illustrating various concepts in informatics, although, due to time limitations, only a small fraction of the capabilities of the software can be covered (we are going to encounter only a few percent of the current Mathematica commands). Interactivity means that you can (and should!) easily reproduce or modify the examples given in this document-also called Mathematica notebook. In fact, in our opinion, the best way to learn these concepts is to freely change the given inputs (adjust the parameters, play with the sliders, and so on) and explore the consequences.
Szerzők: Lóczy Lajos
Nóra Sándor
Kulcsszavak: EN
interactive Mathematica notebook
Wolfram Language
Mathematica commands