Alcím: Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics for Electric Engineers
Téma: Fizika
Pályázat: TÁMOP 0064 - BME
Ismertető: The Master Course Physics 3 for Electrical Engineers is an introductory lecture to the fundamental concepts of modern physics. The basis of the (non-relativistic) Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics are presented. As both of these topics are very broad the material is restricted to those areas which have the greatest practical importance. The physical content, the mathematics used and the method of presentation are all tailored for the needs and knowledge of electrical engeneers. Appendices give the reader an opportunity to see the details of the theories presented more deeply.
Szerzők: András Sólyom
Péter Richter
Kulcsszavak: Electrons in conductors
Experimental foundations
Solid State Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Dielectric properties of solids
Stationary states
Classical theory of lattice vibrations
Formal quantum mechanics
Electron structure of atoms.
Interaction of light and matter
Time dependent Schrödinger equation
Central potential. The hydrogen atom.
Statistical physics
Optical properties
Theory of lattice vibrations
Electrical properties
Quantum theory of lattice vibrations
Determination of crystal structures by X-ray diffraction
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