Téma: Fizika
Pályázat: TÁMOP 0064 - BME
Ismertető: The lecture notes number 11 and number 12 are the first and second volume of physics lectures. The first volume contains mechanics and thermodynamics which are presented in the second semester at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The second volume contains electricity and optics which are presented in the third semester at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Both volumes are the organized addition of the lectures given by Hárs György since 1994. The subject is presented in the inductive direction. This means that general laws of physics are substantiated by starting with experimental results. This direction of learning matches the way how humans discovered the laws of nature. So this is the only way to reach reasonable understanding by the students at a basic physics course. The theory is explained by a number of demonstrations examples. The target audience is the BSC students.
Szerzők: György Hárs
Gábor Dobos
Kulcsszavak: Dynamics of a Particle
Dynamics of rigid body
Kinematics of a particle
Non-inertial (accelerating) reference frames
Oscillatory Motion
Dynamics of system of particles
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